4 de mar de 2013

Simpósio sobre Direitos Humanos

A Pajé Filmes participará, no próximo dia 07, de Simpósio sobre Direitos Humanos na Universidade do Novo México, onde serão exibidos e debatidos dois filmes de Isael Maxakali: "Kotkuphi" e "Xupapoynãg".

Maiores informações sobre o Simpósio:

Human Rights Symposium
Human Ecologies of Ethnicity, Race and Memory in Human Rights Discourse
March 7th & 8th, 2013

Please join us on March 7th and 8th in the Willard Room of Zimmerman Library on the University of New Mexico Albuquerque campus for our first annual Human Rights Symposium.  The symposium will confront three pivotal issues in contemporary human rights: memory and transitional justice; indigenous and environmental rights and race and human rights.  On March 7th, cultural critics Rebecca Atencio (Tulane University) and Idelber Avelar (Tulane University), internationally renowned Afro-Brazilian writer Ana Maria Gonçalves, and Brazilian scholar and filmmaker Charles Bicalho will address the aforementioned issues vis-à-vis human rights.  On March 7th in the evening Dr. Charles Bicalho will screen Kotkuphi (2011) and Xupapoynãg (2011). On March 8th, selected graduate student papers will be read on a variety of issues that confront themes of human rights.

March 7th
2 – 4 Willard Room
·      Rebecca Atencio: “A Reading of Brazil’s 1st State-Sponsored Report on Dictatorship-era Political Deaths & Disappearances”
·      Ana Maria Gonçalves: “Racism and Human Rights”

4 - 6 Willard Room
·      Idelber Avelar: “Non-Human Rights: Amerindian Perspectivism and the Critique of Anthropocentrism”
·      Charles Bicalho: “Native American Filmmakers and Their Right to Modernity”

6-7 Waters Room
·      Film Screening of Kotkuphi (2011) and Xupapoynãg (2011) with Charles Bicalho

March 8th:
·      Marina Todeschini: “Moral Restoration Through Transitional Justice: A Comparison Between Argentina, Chile and Brazil”
·      Samuel Johnson: “Revolution and Religion: Liberation Theology and El Salvador's Civil War”
·      Amanda Hooker: “Enacting Citizenship Through Social Mobilization: The Nasa People's Struggle for Rights and Autonomy”
·      Fiorella Vera Adrianzen: “Urban Mobilization in Solidarity with Amazonian Indigenous Peoples”

·      Viviane Faria “O menino que se trancou na geladeira: A Panoramic Picture of a Nation!”
·      Ailesha Ringer: “Inverting and Supporting Brazilian Racial Stereotypes in: A Casa de Alice”
·      Juliana Todescan: “Gender Relations in Brazil and Their Representation in A casa de Alice”